Two quotes from Douglas Adams

Two quotes from Douglas Adams
on how people use technology. The second one is pretty thought provoking. Both are from the December 2000 UK edition of Business 2.0, but the article was not reproduced online. šŸ˜¦

“The internet is changing the way people think” says Adams. “We are
used to living in a top-down world – top-down government, top-down
media etc – which is a natural result of their being so very many of
us. But as any evolutionary biologist or systems manager will tell you,
the richest information always lies at the bottom of the tree. By
implementing collaboration on the Web through community, you have the
core information from the outset and everyone has a share.”

“We’re moving towards a ‘Creole’ of technological concepts. The
idea comes from language theory, specifically Steven Pinker’s work
where adults come together in an area with lots of different languages
and end up coming up with a broken, lumpy language that is put together
as a pidgin language. When the next generation comes along, however, it
becomes more sophisticated and develops into a real language, then
called a Creole. You only have to watch kids today using technology to
realise the similarities, and that we adults are very much the

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