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Our Mission: Achieve nothing less than radically enhancing human
understanding through the use of information technology, by making it
dramatically more convenient for people to interact with information,
devices, and other people. We will achieve this by developing a revolutionary Information Utility, able to operate at planetary scale.

is it possible for academics to laugh demonically…?

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Micropayments… again

The eternal struggle to get paid for the good stuff, illustrated by the
god-like genius Scott Mccloud. Inevitably, the narrative leads to
micropayments… and their chequered history. Is there a conspiracy
theory about micropayments yet? Y’know, along the lines of those
theories about oil companies scuppering electric cars and solar
power??? Do the powers that be in the “Broadcast Economy” have a vested
interest in seeing they never succeed…??? 😉

I Can’t Stop Thinking! #5

“We’ve already got perfectly good television. No one is clamoring for better or different television.”This
phrase reminds me of something we used to say around 5 years ago to our
paymasters at Newscorp/Sky. This article focusses mainly on the media
business (it’s from the mediamag but it has some old
favourite themes about network effects put well.
It’s Lifeboat Time: Five Rules to Keep Internet Media Companies Afloat