0 thoughts on “Gelertner on way-new interfaces”

  1. Mmmmm. New interfaces, 3-D mentioned. I thought It was about getting the interface ‘out the way’ making it disappear. Just turning the wheel as the article says. Yonks ago, I was young enough to think that bandwidth would solve that, giving rich experiences of one kins or another…Oops!

    When 3-D is mentioned it always seems to be the game version of 3-D. We never hear how 3-D could be Audio spatial, with functions being ‘off stage’ using the concept of Point of Audtition sound. We never think of how the japanese represent space in their paintings, drawings etc. A layering of space.

    And last of all, why replace a ‘bad’ 2-D interface with ‘bad’ 3-D interface, surely the better the devil you know?

    Maybe we do have an invisible interface now, because we all use it so much, we just don’t see it anymore?

  2. I agree that the physical interface widgets (mice, keyboards, CRT screens) are the biggest problem here. When tasks become device, rather than software, specific (or vice versa) we’ll see the next big leap in interface evolution. Wireless networks and falling computer component prices surely encourage this.

  3. Why not use Outlook or Eudora? It seems like it would work the same way, that is, documents based on a temporal instead of spatial metaphor. One can sort by subject, time, author, attachment etc. hmmm. And speaking of avatars, anyone know how Annanova is doing?

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