If anyone reading this

gets bored over the holiday period, then would you like to redesign my blog for me?

I need to get the archives and comments working with their own dedicated templates and I’d like to move over to using all that fancy stylesheet stuff, but I’m no good at it at all.

The Brief:
I’d kind of like to keep the stuff in the top-left i.e. my logotype such-as-it-is, and the ‘box nav’, and keep the look/feel tied to the homepage etc, but if you feel I am in need of a radical reconceptualisation and repositioning as a brand, then please feel free. If any of you are of a typographic bent, I’d love some nice crisp readable CSS action to be going on.

Project Process:
If you want to do some designs, post ’em up somewhere and point to them by adding a comment to this entry.

The Pay-Off:
When I get back from my holiday, we’ll have a group-crit, and a winner… instead of a blackbeltjones no-prize, I’ll reward the winners and two runners-up with a random selection from their amazon wish-list if they have one set up.

And hey, don’t think this is just because I’m a lazy charlatan who can’t code for toffee… This could be fun!

  1. Why redesign? You’ve got an elegant and sleek thing going on.

    My recommmendation to you would be to migrate to MT, and adapt one of their premade stylesheets to your use.

    its very easy to move from blogger or greymatter to MT, you don’t loose any of yoru posts,a nd you get categories, among other things.

  2. Gwilym said:

    Your design is excellent and would be very easy to produce using CSS instead of nasty tables and messy font tags.

    I’ve created a version of one of your pages on my site using valid XHTML and CSS –
    it works in all 5.0 browser and will deprecate well in Netscape 4.+. Also will work well in screen-readers. I couldn’t be bother to get box navigation working but it really wouldn’t be that difficult.

    If your interested, I would be happy to develop the rest of your site in valid CSS and XHTML , send me an email if your interested.

    Also I liked your dogme for web -design, it’s definitely the way to go as far as I’m concerned it’s the only way to go.

  3. Alex Robinson said:

    Heh, I made one too


    It’s really not that much different from Gwilym’s version except that it attempts to use relative measures for the positioning and font sizes – personally fixed-size fonts and pixel-perfect positions are a bigger bug bear to me than “nasty tables”.

    Essentially all the tags have style declarations which show the semantic intent (obviously it would be nicer still as xml but then it wouldn’t degrade nicely but it’s a start). One stylesheet affects the styling of the elements, another sets the positioning. Also the images and “bullets” have been done as background images using the stylesheets. In theory you could now NTK it up and allow people to apply their own style and layout. Mind you I agree with Christina – you’ve got a sleek and elegant thing going on.

    Although you do appear to be breaking rule 1 of your own WebDOGME 😉

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