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Stewart Butterfield!! He correctly stated the significance of both Physics Football Team shirt numbers. A No-Prize is winging it’s way from the blackbeltjones-bullpen to Vancouver…

“Feynman and (1/)137 is explained here (it was also discussed in QED and probably mentioned in his other books as well).

I don’t know the 10^88 connection, but I’m pretty sure the standard model give 10^79 for the number of particles (not atoms) in the universe (google … google … OK, I’m wrong: 10^88 it is).”

Honourary mentions to Eric Scheid who got the Sagan connection, and Astroboy for being first, if a little off…!

I know they are rip-offs of those ‘philosopher football’ shirts that clever
people who wanted to reinvent themselves as David Baddiel wore at
college… but physicists are cooler, and have better numbers*.

I have to figure out how to manufacture them… ready for summer!

Midfield general Carl Sagan and plenty of room at the bottom for Team captain, Richard Feynman

(* a blackbeltjones no-prize for anyone who knows the significance of each player’s team number in each case…)

Well… they all want to create a two-way mutually agreed hyperlinked medium.

Ted Nelson and TBL want to do it by re-engineering how the web works.

KPMG just want to sue anyone who links to them without prior agreement.


I just linked to them!

Seems obvious that a global company that prides itself understanding the business opportunities that this exciting new medium should want to forge ahead in this way. Defining the future through threatening litigation… Ingenious!

Oops. I linked to them again.

Thanks to Tom for discovering this Corporate-Doh! | weblog

here’s a Mefi thread on the subject