Trend-based store layout and online user-experience design.

Dan Hill holds forth on the parallels between real world store architecture and information architecture online. I know taking TOO direct a metaphorical relationship between them annoys some people, but there’s some food for thought here if not taken too literally, imho.

» cityofsound/blog/The Information Architecture of Liberty, London

0 thoughts on “Trend-based store layout and online user-experience design.”

  1. It seems like the Peterme and Sylloge folks are opposed to a strict metaphor of info arranged spatially to physical stuff arranged spatially, where the spaces are big enough to navigate through and experience over time. This is opposed to arranging info/items that can be scanned with the eye in one space, which is less of a conceptual issue and more of a perceptual issue.

    I make the distinction because I’ve been noticing similarities between effective shelf layouts and effective page layouts. So what Hill is saying makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll publish something soonish that expands on this, but I don’t think Hill’s ideas are contrary to Peterme/Sylloge’s ideas. That’s all.

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