Art vs Design, number #542

Okay okay, even I’m getting bored with this debate, but last word (here) goes to the inestimable Mr. Eric Zimmerman, who seems to have a pretty good grasp on the matter:

“I don’t think of myself as an artist. I think of myself as a designer. For me it has to do with the fact that, and here comes an arbitrary definition, design is more about problem solving and art is more about expression of idea or self. On the other hand, if I’m doing work for a gallery space then I feel obligated to engage with the idea that what I’m doing is art because that is part of the context towards which I’m designing. To put a game in an art space could be just a game in an art space. However, it is also an interesting opportunity to explore a game in a new context. The whole cultural context that you’re designing for is part of the design problem. I’m extremely interested in context of reception. Maybe that’s why I see myself as a designer.”

» Interview with Eric Zimmerman and Jenelle Porter

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