Scott Andrew has started to add a ‘google it’ link to each of the posts on his blog, allowing each to blossom into as many related ‘user-journeys’ as Google will allow. What an awesome little idea, that I’m sure will soon get taken up by others.

“Here’s something fun: see the “Google It!” link following each post? Click it to initiate a Google search on the topic of that particular post. Since the search text is based on the title of the post (something you don’t see here, but appear in the syndicated XML and JS feeds) I’ll have to be careful and make sure each post title is descriptive and makes sense.”


Is it another example of the growing glue-layer of stuff that Jason Kottke was writing about? Or as Steven Johnson refers to it – the web’s “neo-cortex”:

“I was thinking that what the Web needs is a big neo-cortex. There are all these very specialized smart, focused tools being developed, and data that’s being mined, and collective intelligence on specific problems. But we’re not as good yet at, not just filtering all that stuff, but figuring out what belongs connected to what else. Google is, in a way, the beginning of that. It’s letting the Web solve that pattern itself, looking at patterns and links of what should be connected to other things.”

Discussed earlier here…

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