Right then. Been a while since the lunch with Loosemore, Hurley and O’Brien, but nethertheless, here’s an idea that wiggled it’s way into existence through talking with those guys.

The idea behind Warchalking is that it breaks the cycle of having to be online to get to the pages that give you the free-wireless node info for the city you are in. Fellow free-wireless travellers or those who maintain the nodes themselves have scrawled chalk symbols on the pavements to indicate the presence of wireless access.

A few people I’ve talked to about this have said “why chalk?” and suggested something more permanent. Well, part of me is a fuddy-duddy who doesn’t want to inflict permanent marks on the pavement (but hey, the utitlities providers do) and the other, more important part, is that I like the idea of the marks having an impermanence, so they have to be renewed and validated on a regular basis by an active community of warchalkers.

The root of this stuff is Hobo languageNadav pointed to some great resources on this a while ago. Like hobo language, hopefully we can evolve a little common symbology and chalk up our cities…

» Blackbeltjones.com: Let’s Warchalk!!!

  1. Christopher B said:

    I am preparing a paper on warchalking for my master’s program. Unfortunately, it seems that warchalking has had its time. Even though, the movement has faded. It seems that Pringle Driving is alive and well….

    I have a few quesitons, if you have the time:

    What is the biggest contribution of warchalking to modern computing?

    What caused the downfall of warchalking as we know it?

    Since warchalking, what do you see as the next step in the line of evoluton of computing?

    Is there anything you would like me to say in my paper about warchalking?

    What are you working on now?

    PS. You have convinced to watch the movie, Black Belt Jones

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