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Dan’s got some lovely thoughts going, connecting design for community, weblogs and a Simon Schama lecture:

“History commands attention for its gifts of freedom, empathy and the possibility of reconstituting community; all big words to which the practising stiffs of the craft are constitutionally allergic. But the big words won’t go away.”

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Jeff‘s done a nice job here – a very accessible and sellable introduction to benefits of faceted classification. Very readable and forwardable little memebullet to aim squarely at clients and bosses alike.

“So often we assume that Web sites should be hierarchically organized. We talk about a “home page” that offers “top-level navigation” so that users can “drill down” to the content. It’s as if we’re programmed to think top down.

But what about information that isn’t as easily structured this way? Sometimes, content has many attributes that have different importance to different users. A hierarchy assumes everyone approaches these attributes the same way, but that’s often not the case.”

Blimey! I actually blogged something about IA for once. I was starting to feel guilty about that…

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and tell any friends of yours called “Sarah Connor” to start working out and held for the hills.

After four months of entertaining humans, Gaak the predator robot yesterday did what all the best robots do in science fiction: he copied his masters’ most basic instinct and made a dash for freedom.

Programmed to sink a metal fang into smaller but more nimble prey robots, to “eat” their electric power, at a science adventure centre, Gaak showed that a two year experiment in maturing robot “thinking” may be proving alarmingly successful.

Left unattended for 15 minutes, the 2ft metal machine crept along a barrier until it found a gap, squeezed through, navigated across a car park and reached the Magna science centre’s exit by the M1 motorway in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

» Guardian Unlimited | Robot fails to find a place in the sun