Viridian Design BioFuture Robot Dog Contest

Just spent a couple of hours hacking together my entry in the Viridian BioFuture Robot Dog Contest, based on some doodles and sketches that have been mounting up over the last month. Here he is below, along with some of the sales-blurb that goes along with the entry…

“Introducing Von Neumanns best friend.

A self-replicating, self-structuring nanodog system designed to be fun for all the posthuman family. Advanced ‘stinky-sneaker-simulant’ tail-bonds ensure structural integrity whatever the game – from chasing a stick to digging tunnels through gas-giants.

Von Neumann’s best friend is a canine companion that will last you from now until way after the singularity. He’ll be your pal no matter what scale or how distributed your consciousness is.”

» BioFuture Robot Dog Contest: Von Neumann’s Best Friend

  1. arghhh, not you as well. its gone from me and bruce’s daughter to too many good designs. gonna have to start saving for my own aibo now…..


  2. Moirai said:

    Distributed consciousness, huh?

    Cannot help but notice your dog’s tail ‘n’ sneaker resembles a ‘magic’ mushroom — or prehaps that’s just the war chalk of 3 wavy-lines pointing the way . . . .

  3. Derek R said:

    i THINK it’s important, as I stand here bleeding, like a knight with his horse outside the castle (ITSELF OF NO GREAT SIZE), (because I cut vegetables & my finger) that was in orbit around our minds before IT was popular to do so, so heroic, and I’m not gay, so fuck you
    , kinda heroism, tHANKS AND PRAISE

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