From my old school’s first year:

“The first project of the autumn semester invovles a trip to the beach to explore placemaking. Through the manipulation of natural materials and the use of found objects students are encouraged to create a place that expresses something of their response to the coastal environment.”

See also the good professor Unwin’s work… from the “ARCHITECTURE AS IDENTIFICATION OF PLACE” section, this corker relating back to my whole “navihate” thing:

“Place is to architecture, it may be said, as meaning is to language.”

“Information Architecture” could be said to set us up for a fall by mixing the semantic with the spatial from the get-go. Mixinyermetaphors is bad – rabbits die of it.

Egon:”I just remembered: DON”T CROSS THE STREAMS!”
Egon:”It would be BAD.”
Peter:”I am fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing… what do you mean BAD?”
Egon:”Try to imagine all life as you know it, stopping instantaneously,and every particle in your body exploding at the speed of light.”
Ray:”(gulp) total protonic reversal”
Peter:”Ok right that’s BAD, important safety tip thanks Egon.”

Hearing != listening.

“on 28 April, Beverly Hughes, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, responded to a parliamentary question about ID cards and only mentioned the earlier 2,000 responses.

She said: “The responses have been about 2:1 in favour of introducing a scheme”.

In late May Home Secretary David Blunkett seemed to signal that the government was determined to introduce ID cards. He bluntly declared: “I want them because I do want to know who is here.”

Stand is now trying to get official word about what will be done with the 5,000 responses it passed on.”


» BBC News: ID card ‘tricks’ anger net users