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This just in this morning from the BBC News Online tech crew:

“Yesterday afternoon [we] pulled the big red lever to make the CPS start publishing RSS versions of all the NewsOnline indexes on the website.


Front Page



News 24

Â…and for all of you going away to Glastonbury next weekend, Summer Music Festivals 2003
in the UK Edition

And similarly in the World Edition,


And Business


The more ambitious of you out there should be able to work out the URL’s of any index you want.

I love those guys.

Ecotone is a wiki for collaborative writing about “place”:

“The Ecotone wiki is intended as a portal for those who are interested in learning and writing about place. It came about as a meeting spot for a number of webloggers who write extensively about place in their own blogs and were wishing to work more collaboratively, as well as raise awareness to this genre of weblogs.”

Fascinating also to find the term ecotone means “A transitional zone between two communities containing the characteristic species of each.”

» Ecotone wiki: Writing about place
[via Boynton]