Psychogeography for phones

Psiloc is a futurephone app that activates events and actions on your phone based on your location relative to GSM cells:

“…you can create an event to have an alarm at the moment your phone logs in (or out) a selected cell. So you will be able to sleep calmly in your train to work or school – it will wake you up precisely at your station, even if your train is late?

For places like church, theater, hospital etc. you can set a flight mode event which will just switch the phone part of your P800 off as soon as you come there! No more embarrassing rings during performance!”

» Psiloc miniGPS for SE P800
[via Chris Heathcote on a mailing list found via phil]

  1. Chris said:

    Be careful with the events – I managed to send a few hundred SMSes in the space of a few minutes to a friend. It took 4 or 5 hours to deliver them all.

    It’s cool – what netwrok are you on? I’m trying to find people on different networks to see if MiniGPS cell ids tally with those on Sitefinder.

    fwiw, they don’t on Orange.


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