0 thoughts on “Ah!”

  1. Sorry everyone (everyone? Sorry Matt). I had been holding off telling anyone until:
    a) I could finish building the new place at TypePad i.e. all my posts needed their images putting back in, bit by bit, links fixing etc. … things won’t work! Bear with me.
    b) I got the categories sorted and a new design in place perhaps (though that can wait)
    c) The domain mapping that TypePad hope to have in place in September (perhaps) is done, so that I can point cityofsound.com back at at.
    d) I could sort out a new email address.
    e) Er, that’s it.
    f) Oh, and my hosting at Verio disappeared much quicker and more efficiently than anything they’ve ever done for me before, typically, so I got caught on the hop somewhat.

    Mea culpa. Sorry sorry sorry.

    Obviously, I’ve also lost 2 years worth of google placement via a load of broken links now – I apologise for those wholeheartedly – hence me wanting the domain name to be back, to help just a bit with redirects etc. perhaps.

    It’s frustrating that TypePad renames links – they are more friendly in the new format, but I’ve lost all those links, and so have you. Sorry …

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