The interesting things you find in your own backyard

…so to speak. The BBC has published it’s report on it’s own performance in online media, prior to a governmental review.

These two points stood out for me:

“In looking forward we will be conscious not just of the ways in which online resembles the BBC’s traditional media of television and radio ( free provision of content, broad mix of genres, core editorial values, shared brands) , but also the ways in which it is likely to remain profoundly different ( no spectrum scarcity, low barriers to entry, largely on demand, many-to-many rather than one-to-many).”

“many-to-many” eh? And…

“Going forward, our aim will be to continue, where appropriate, to share code which we develop with others in the new media industry in order to ensure that the intellectual capital built through the licence fee is available to all. We will make this available free of charge in open source form for others to use and develop as they wish. In future, we would expect this to include code or other intellectual property which helps to improve the quality of video and audio online, and small software packages we have developed to improve the efficiency of web production systems.”

Wonder if anyone preparing this read Azeem’s Open-Source-BBC proposal.

» BBC – About the BBC – DCMS review of the BBC’s online services

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