0xDefcafbad on the relationship between the semantic web and whuffie* :

“Were the Semantic Web to take off in a big and easy to use way, people could spend more time creating answers and less time answering questions, since the machines do the job of fielding the questions themselves.

Of course… without the Whuffie, where’s the motivation to provide the data? “

Wild, uninformed speculation follows: so, to motivate the machine, is there a need for machine whuffie? Of course, machines don’t feel shame or pride in their work (as yet) and so reputation must lie in things like uptime, bandwidth etc – the things that get echo’d in p2p node ratings etc. Also, in a network, if you got a got reputation as a node that was great at handling semantic web queries, then would a ‘rich-get-richer’** effect come into play, eventually overloading the node with queries? Here’s the homepage of Beulah Alunkal who is researching reputation systems in grid-computing. Need to read more about this sort of thing – not for pratical purposes, but for good SF ideas…

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