Design Engaged 2004

At Design Engaged in Amsterdam.

Had a very good morning… I’ve still to finish writing my presentation, but here’s a sneak preview of it’s lowbrow take on ubiquitous computing and embodied interaction; with apologies to Frans Hals, Paul Dourish and Richard Marks.


Dan Hill is about to speak about “self-centred design”

Update: My presentation, about embodied interaction, touch-technology, RFID, NFC and semiotics: “Being in the world: the long-now of RFID” is here

  1. Paul said:

    Apology accepted, I’ll just steal the image 🙂

  2. …so distressed that I’m going to miss the talk. Will you be sharing the slide deck?

  3. Tom Hume said:

    +1: if you can, please do share as many of the talks as possible.

  4. gene said:

    Nice set of visuals Matt, good ideas and good humor 😉 But I’m having a really hard time imagining Stewart saying “blimey!”…

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