Etech05: I bumped into Tony Stark earlier…


Like Tony, I complained a while back, and I take it all back.

I think after yesterday’s outbreaks of the future in Danny Hillis‘ talk, the awesome debut of, and both Neil Gershenfeld’s keynote and the panel discussion that followed – Mr. Stark would be quite happy and perhaps getting his cheque-book out.

And, y’know – if Tony’s happy, I’m happy.

Red Vs Blue: The air-con con and other microcontent wisdom.

Red Vs Blue

Red Vs Blue folks on the post-production costs of serving content on the web:

“Imagine if the producers and distributors of Spiderman 2 got a bill from the movie theatres for increased air-conditioning because their movie was too popular”

Currently at their talk: “Why Free is a Good Price: The Terrible Business Model of Red vs. Blue” at SxSW.

Another couple of quotes:

“Homestar Runner is really a t-shirt store with a great cartoon attached”

and on bittorrent, not actually saving them costs…:

“We put bittorrent clips out there, received 45000 emails back saying ‘we don’t understand how to use this and I need to see your clip NOW!'”

Very good stuff on the way-new nanoentertainment industry from the trenches of the long tail.

New Who: Derbyshire, Wales and everything inbetween.


On a flight watching “Rose”, the first episode of the new Dr. Who as rebooted by Russell T. Davies and produced by BBC Wales.

As Hammersley says – if this hasn’t been deliberately leaked by the newly bittorrent-hip Beeb to get fanpersons to blog furiously about just how good it is, then it really should have been.

I will now blog furiously (with minimal spoilage) about just how good it is.

Right from the start.
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Doors of SxSWeTech


A March of craziness commences.

I’m going to be in Austin for SxSW Interactive from the 12th-14th. It’ll be my first time, so I have no idea what to expect or what to do. I do know I will miss the Bruce Sterling talk and his legendary party but hopefully I can peg him for 2 minutes chat on Spime-design somehow by virtue of pointing to my runner-up status in a Viridian design competition. But other than that… What do you recommend for a SxSW n00b?

I’ll get there too late for the kick-ball, but it doesn’t sound like a contact sport, therefore no fun for Welsh people. Otwell‘s promised me tex-mex brex, so that’s one thing taken care of.

Then I’m off to ETech/Etcon/whatever for the 14th to the 18th March – where I’ll be acting as Chris Heathcote‘s glamorous assistant for a talk on Tangible Computing – handing him RFID-enabled bunnies to saw in half, and ranting about embodied interaction – that sort of thing.

The good thing is our talk is on the first day of sessions, and early – so get to relax for the rest of what has shaped up into a rather good line-up since I slagged it off.

All apologies for that earlier apoplexy – and congrats to Rael and the team who have put together the final roster. A lot of my wishes came true (Natalie J and her feral robots, check; Neil Gershenfeld, check) –  although I still think that changing the event from an annual occurence to maybe once every two or three years would be an improvement. But now I don’t think I’ll be grumpy in the corner – much – I don’t think I have time to grow a Tony Stark ‘tache anyway.

Finally, after stopping off in Helsinki long enough to pick up some new pants and for Foe to remember what I look like, I’ll be heading to Doors of Perception 8 in Delhi with some other Nokians to get the TechnoUtopianism (© O’Reilly) smacked out of me by all and sundry.

Looking forward to some thought-provoking sessions on co-creating services and infrastructure in South-Asia from both visitors and locals that leapfrog the ‘developed world’ in both technology and sustainability.

There’s still time to get a visa and cheap flight to Delhi to join in, so the blog says.

If you’re at any one of the above ideafests, then drop a comment below, and let’s see if paths cross in the corridors.

p.s. yes – Fin Fang Foom is there as another tedious Iron Man reference. Sorry – but I love FFF. Bonus link – the Barbelith take on the Warren Ellis’ Tony Stark is priceless.