Size of a…?


So far, according to media reports, the business-end of Deep Impact that has been launched to hit comet Tempel-1 is the size of

  • A wine cask (NASA)
  • A washing machine (The Guardian, CNNi,*)
  • An oil-drum (BBC Radio 4)

I will keep this list updated with more popular-media-sizing-analogs for space probes (half-a dolphin!).
* In keeping with other white-goods in North America, are US washing-machines bigger than their UK equivalents?

  1. Hugo said:

    Today, the Metro also said it was washing machine sized, but last week they said it was coffee table sized.

    Some other randomly sourced comparisons:
    “wine barrel-sized”
    “coffee-table sized”

    And have you also that other (big, flat) things are often compared to the size of Wales?

  2. paulpod said:

    “Like firing a fridge at a cliff-face” on Channel Four news this evening.

  3. Jacob said:

    NY Times reports nothing on the size of the thing, but does claim that the crater is either “as large as a sports stadium or as small as a house”.

    I would be very satisfied if the world could actually standardize on dolphins as the SI unit of size/volume for scientific analogs.

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