Monthly Archives: January 2006

I was very fond of Rolf’s Cartoon Club when I was younger.

For those not familiar with it – national treasure Rolf Harris hosted a show of cartoon clips, tied together with his instruction on how to draw you favourite cartoon characters and tricks of the cartoonist and animator’s trade.

Through encouraging the young to copy, trace and build upon the works of others, he encouraged a generation to draw and illustrate their own characters and stories.

Latterly, Rolf presented the much-pilloried “Rolf on Art” where he painted pictures in the styles of the great masters to explain painting to the masses. Again, building on works of others, from the past – to explain and excite.

So, can you see what this is yet?

Yes – it’s a thought I had a while back (I think I might have mentioned it to some over pints): Rolf should become figure-head/president/ambassador for the Creative Archive / Creative Commons UK.

He could extend the reach of the concept of the commons to the mainstream, and continue what he started with our generation back at the Cartoon Club in the 80’s.

Perhaps the Beeb could even turn it into a show.

“Rolf on Remixing” anyone?

Happy new year.

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