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In the UK we had lots of art shows for kids while I was growing up including "Rolf's Cartoon Club" (I have long maintained that Rolf Harris should be the mascot for the creative commons movement) – but the undisputed king was Tony Hart, with shows such as "Take Hart" and "Hart Beat".

He, or his comely young art student assistants (one of which that I had a teenage crush on, I was to meet professionally in later life to my great amusement and embarrasment) would usually demonstrate a novel but accessible art technique which you could then impress your parents or teachers (never your peers) with at a later date.

I'm going to introduce one to you now, which I pioneered in San Franscisco earlier this month, while eating lunch at a conference/workshop.

I am a terrible doodler, and many a giant robot squirrel or rhino cocktail waiter has come to life from my pen during a meeting. This time a giant squid was born, and there happened to be a big roll of blue gaffer tape lying next to me, so I started assembling a mosaic/wash of blue behind the noble overlord of the deep.

Effective, no?

Why not try it at home kids? Gaffer tape keeps on giving!

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Lyrics are funny things.

Since I was a wee 'un I've loved the lyrics of "Diamond Dogs", which is high sci-fi-camp Bowie at it's nonsense best, but of course only when sung.

Not just by Bowie, but by Beck, even in my head, dammit.

But written down, they lose all life and power instantly. This is of course totally obvious to all you liberal arts types, but I still find it remarkable. Funny things.

A line from "Diamond Dogs" –

"Just another future song"

however, is a blog post title waiting to happen though – if I ever blog again.

Or a Warren Ellis graphic novella.

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