Twitter-enhanced Dérive

#towerbridge, originally uploaded by kellan.

Yesterday I was wandering around London’s Southbank, and whilst idly checking on the movements of friends through the pre-christmas throng, I noticed that @riverthames was headed for a low-tide.
Tower Bridge

I wandered to the steps near @towerbridge and took some photos – including a long photo of the waves of the river lapping against the rocks at my feet, and went for coffee at the Design Museum.

I read the paper, and checked twitter again. @towerbridge said that it was going to be opening shortly. I bolted out and caught the occasion on camera.
Tower Bridge

The city is here for me to use, and it tells me so.

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  1. Ben said:

    I agree with this post entirely.

    I live near Tower Bridge and often ‘use’ Twitter to help me know what’s going on. Most often when my Dad is staying. He’ll often ask what ship that is going under the Bridge. Now, thanks to the internet, I can tell him.

    I Twittered @towerbridge the other night when this happened and it felt good.

  2. Alistair said:

    Nice ambient sound there.

  3. LizaK said:

    Love this!

  4. The photo of your feet reminds me oh so much of one I took (and have now lost) by the banks of the thames whilst working on the site designs for oh so many years ago. Thanks for reminding me about exploring the thames bank at low tide.

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