A couple of upcoming talks in June

I’m very pleased to have been invited to Frontiers of Interaction ’09 in Rome, on June 8th, where I’ll be talking alongside comrades Bruce Sterling, Adam Greenfield and Fabio Sergio as well as loads of other excellent folk on the event’s themes of “social networking, the internet-of-things and smart cities”.

This is the territory that I’m most excited about working in, and to be at an event dedicated to it in one of the worlds finest, oldest, most-beautiful cities is a real treat.

From Rome at the beginning of the week, it’s to Malm√∂ for From Business To Buttons on the 11th and 12th of June, where I’m going to be talking more about Dopplr and personal informatics, specifically going into some detail on the design process behind Dopplr Annual Report.

Maybe see you at one or the other…

Going to be giving an ‘open lecture’ at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design on Thursday. Looking forward to visiting CIID for the first time!

Max Gadney

Max Gadney, originally uploaded by moleitau.

I was fortunate enough to work with Max from 1997-1999 right at the beginning of BBC News Online, one of the hardest and funniest times I’ve had in my life.

He’s still at the BBC commissioning and cultivating interesting new formats for online stuff, but he has another life where he creates some lovely blends of comics illustration and infographics for WW2 magazine.

On his blog he also goes into great depth on the decisions and techniques he employs in the creation of the pieces, for instance, this one.

It’s a fabulous resource for those interested in narrative infographics, not least because Max is completely honest about what he thinks has and hasn’t worked.

He’s both exploring what’s possible with some fantastic work and learning in front of us.


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The Helsinki City Run

is tomorrow, and I’m in it (with my Arphid chip…)

Thanks to everyone who has donated money in support at http://www.justgiving.com/moleitau: we’ve made about ¬£700 for research into Parkinson’s Disease. Brilliant. I just have to run the 21k now, which according to this brilliant page on wikipedia, is about the length of Manhattan.

There’s still a little time left to donate if you want to pile some last-minute pressure on me…