Shipping Forecast Rosary

Shipping Forecast Rosary, originally uploaded by moleitau.

A side-project I’ve been playing with for a couple of months now. Have prototyped it using Ponoko, and now hope to make a couple of different material explorations – maybe even into metal.

Shipping Forecast Rosary - 06

It needs a bit more fine-tuning and then I’ll probably put them up for a limited sale on Folksy.

More pictures of the work-in-progress here.

  1. danielweiresq said:

    Put me down for one !

    DW x

  2. Fantastic. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this project.

  3. nick s said:

    Me too. I’ve been thinking a bit about reverse atlases and communities defined by seabords, and I’m not even able to watch ‘Coast’ on the Beeb (legally).

    But I love the implicit analogy: like worry beads (the archetype of the rosary) the zero-hours-forty-eight shipping forecast is more than a little OCD, the equivalent of checking that the lights are off, the doors and windows are locked, and the sandwiches are wrapped up for tomorrow’s lunch.

  4. Tony said:

    The inherent Britishness of the Shipping Forecast is attractive as well. It’s a stoic element of shared cultural history, and can be immensely calming to an expat who finds it on BBC World Service.

    I can just imagine reciting the almost Lewis Carroll-esqe nonsense poetry of the regional names whilst flicking them around a leather cord bracelet on a long night-time journey.

  5. james said:

    Great idea! So want one.

  6. Wonderful ! This given me a few ideas and the thought of using Ponoko should help me finish another half idea. Thank you

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