Eastern Standard Drive

Andrew jams on itrip pirate-radio with Hill’s iPod projector photoshopware:


Brings to life some of C. Doctorow’s Eastern-Standard Tribe

“I just don’t get it,” Fede said.

Art tried to keep the exasperation out of his voice. “It’s simple,” he said. “It’s like a car radio with a fast-forward button. You drive around on the MassPike, and your car automatically peers with nearby vehicles. It grabs the current song on someone else’s stereo and streamloads it. You listen to it. If you don’t hit the fast-forward button, the car starts grabbing everything it can from the peer, all the music on the stereo, and cues it up for continued play. Once that pool is exhausted, it queries your peer for a list of its peers—the cars that it’s getting its music from—and sees if any of them are in range, and downloads from them. So, it’s like you’re exploring a taste-network, doing an automated, guided search through traffic for the car whose owner has collected the music you most want to listen to.”

Digital cocooning

P17 of the June issue of Wired (with Pixar’s “The Incredibles” on the cover) has an advert for a joint promotion between Wired, W Hotels and Apple:

Plug in and play along to your own digital soundscape from W Hotels and iTunes®, the world’s best digital jukebox.

Your W Wired Package includes:

  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Wi-Fi Access in Living Room*
  • 3 iTunes music downloads
  • 3-month WIRED magazine subscription
  • Unlimited local and toll-free calls
  • Plus, Wonderful accommodations you’ll love

I’ve stayed in a W twice (before the taxman gets excited: one night only each time, as a once-a-year treat!) and they are wonderful little coccoons of unreal, luxurious space. More cosy than a Schrager, with just enough ‘ponce-factor’ to let you pretend you are a rockstar, or a secret agent posing as a rockstar, for one night.

As broadband and wifi become as much as a free, expected part of a satisfying hotel stay as a good shower – the next step has to be stuff like this – creating personal, luxurious, digital media cocoon.